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  • The Bogleheads’ Guide to Investing”* by Larimore et. al.
    The starting point to developing your financial awareness.
  • “If You Can: How Millennials Can Get Rich Slowly” * by William Bernstein.
    This book really helps burst the bubble on get-rich-quick schemes. It is basically the holy grail of personal finance for young adults anyone. It also includes a step-by-step plan on how one day you can too become rich, or at least be guaranteed to retire comfortably. I’m serious, read this book!
  • “The Barefoot Investor”* by Scott Pape.
    If you live in Australia, this book contains some very good, tailored advice. If you don’t, there’s still a lot of ideas in here that you may find useful.
  • “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”* by Robert Kiyosaki.
    A great little book about looking at the bigger picture when it comes to money. It teaches you that you have the the power of mindset over financial destiny.
  • “The Four Hour Workweek”* by Tim Feriss.
    This book is for adventurous, out of box thinkers. It is a great way to get the inspiration flowing and contains some pointers on life, travel, business and possibly wealth. Read this for inspiration.
  • “Key Person of Influence”* by Daniel Priestley.
    A great book if you want to develop yourself as a brand ie, through your blog, social media etc or even help grow your business. Also read Entrepreneur Revolution if you have any inkling of starting your own business or just generally want to know more about the what the future holds.

Not only are digital books hugely discounted but sometimes even free, saving you lots of money. They also help the environment and reduce waste. Amazon has frequent deals on Kindles and eBooks. I personally prefer the Kindle Fire 3rd Ed HD. You can grab a similar one here*.

Budgets are crucial when it comes to track where your money is going. If you want to achieve financial success, you must have your money work smart. Setting up a budget has never been easier than with free online tools. Start here with The 5 Steps to Easy Budgeting. The MoneySmart budget tool is also useful.

The ASX provides free, easy and simple courses on investing for beginners, at not charge. The catch? There isn’t one. See ASX Free Online Investing Courses for more.

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