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My Goals For 2018 – Quarter Year Update

Why I am taking a year off travel

Greetings fellow financially frustrated people and welcome back to Broke Today Rich Tomorrow!

One thing we pride ourselves with on this blog is honesty. Here, in our little corner of the internet, we celebrate being as transparent as possible with our audience.

In short, we want to you get the full picture without the smoke and mirrors.

That is why, in today’s post, we are sharing a quarter year update on my goals for 2018. Hey, there’s nothing like posting on the internet to keep yourself accountable, is there?

Without further ado, here’s how thing have been going this far:

Goals Achieved

  • Invest in bonds

I actually completely forgot to blog about this when it happened, but yes, I bit the bullet and investment another $1,000 into bonds back when the market crashed this year. I am pretty excited about growing my net worth, even if it is in very small steps. I wrote a post about why investing during market downturns is actually ideal, which you can read here. Here’s to practicing what I preach!

Goals In Progress

  • Build emergency fund to $4,000

I am glad to say that this is coming along nicely and that I am only $1,200 shy of making this goal. Hopefully, after we finally manage to service our car, I can pour the rest of my side hustle money into emergency savings.

In saying that, the last three months have been a bit of a financial disaster. Not only did we have our cat get sick, we also ended up with a terrible pest infestation. All up, those expenses cost us over $1,000 in cash, which made me thank the lords for our emergency money. On another downside, this week I have received some terrible family news, which will most likely see me flying overseas God knows when. Let me just tell you know, I checked flights to Europe and they are not cheap! So let the lords bless this emergency fund, because boy am I going to need it real soon!

  • Take the car in for a major service

Universe, believe me when I say that I am trying to get this car serviced. I am literally pouring all of my side hustle money into saving the $800 needed to get our car serviced. I got surprisingly close many times, then another emergency happened. Here’s to hoping I get there before registration is due!

  • Get a summer internship

I have yet to strike gold in this department, but I am not giving up! While I had no idea just how competitive getting a corporate internship can be (hint: very), I have sure learned over the past three months.

Yes, these past few months have been a bit challenging, but who doesn’t love a good challenge? If anything, being let down has taught me to work harder not only on improving myself but also on putting my best foot forward. I also got to meet some amazing people working at some truly inspirational companies, which have motivated me to keep chasing my dreams. I will get you internship, just you wait! (I do have another interview later this month with a company I am really excited about, so wish me luck!)

I also wrote a post on why rejection is necessary to succeed, which I think is one of my best posts yet. If you are at a point in your life where rejection has gotten you a bit down, I recommend you give this post a read!

moeny qutoes

Goals Scraped

  • Boost my retirement savings by $500

I am kicking myself for scraping this but right now, this just isn’t realistic. I will not have a spare $500 dollars to put into Super by the end of June. I. Just. Won’t. Of course, this is something I’d love to do but at the moment, building my emergency fund up is my first priority.

  • Read more personal finance books

Okay, okay, I should clarify that I am not scraping this as per say. Instead, I have decided to go about this in a more methodical way. As you know, in between study, blogging, working plus trying to manage a household of two cats and one boyfriend, I am a busy bee. Quite honestly, I don’t have the will to pick up a book lately because within five minutes, I am out and off to the Zzz’s land. Luckily for me, I have recently discovered Audible, which has made my life so much easier. Now I can get the content from those books without exhausting my already tired eyes.

I too was a sceptic of audio books before trying Audible, but behold I have seen the light. There’s still some books that I prefer to read in hard copy, such as old time classics. For everything else however, there’s an audio book! If you want to sign up to Audible for a free 30 day trial, you’re welcome to try the link* below:

Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks

New Goals

  • Build a “bill buffer” savings account

It is no secret that every quarter, when all our bills all decide to come in at once, my bank account is left reeling for weeks to come. To combat bankruptcy, I have decided to set up a small “bill buffer” savings account. I am not planning on saving too much, just something to give me enough peace of mind that I won’t cry next time I see our hot water bill.

  • Make $50 a week from side hustles

Between you, me and the rest of the internet, I have just recently lost a side hustle. It was sad that it had to happen – what’s worse is that my bank account was really enjoying the extra cash it was getting as a result. But fear not my dear FFFFs, when one door closes, another one opens, hence why I have set myself a new goal. I am planning on not only replacing the lost income, but making my bank account feel like it never needed it in the first place. If you are too thinking about trying out a side hustle, check out some tips on how to get started here!

That’s all for today folks! As usual, I hope today’s post has given you a little insight into who I am and what my own financial journey looks like.

Now, I want to know more about you. Tell me, what is one goal you hope to achieve this year?

Let me know in the comments below!

Being broke is temporary. Being rich is a journey.

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