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What I’ve Loved Spending On In March & April

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With a very eventful past few weeks, it is finally time for another favourites post!

As part of my own financial journey, I am trying to be more aware of my purchases, which is why I love doing monthly favourites. I find that doing these posts gives me time to reflect on my purchases and really appreciate what my money has bought me.

You all know that I don’t believe in being “extreme frugal”, or even frugal for that matter. I live by a philosophy that goes something like “save some, spend some and invest some”.

In short, I believe spending on things you want actually has a place in the budget!

I will start off by saying that the month of March was a good month, ending with some surplus cash which carried into April. There was a bit more flexibility in the budget thanks to some new side income, which allowed me to purchase some things that have been on my wish list for the longest time!

Then, of course, life happened.  My cat got sick and then we had yet another emergency, which I will detail in my next post (hint: IT WAS TERRBILE).

Unluckily for me, I had purchased the majority of these things before these two massive expenses happened, which left us significantly cash poor for the rest of April. However, it would be a lie to say that I have not enjoyed my purchases to the fullest extent, despite having a little buyer’s remorse.

Without further ado, here is what I’ve loved speeding on in March and April:

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation

Cost: $22

How Much I’ve saved: $10 (thanks to a sale)

Why: Confession time – I don’t have perfect skin. Actually, my skin is pretty prone to break outs. Another confession – I am really short. Like, 5 foot nothing short. I feel like my shortness plus skin blemishes make me seem really young and underage, which is a look I try to stay away from, especially during interviews. One of my goals for this year is to secure a summer internship at an accounting firm. Right now, I am in the middle of recruitment season, which means that your girl needs to look ready for business.

I am glad to say that this foundation has been a complete confidence booster during my interviews and assessment centres. I love the texture, the lightness, but above all, I love that someone like me (who has no idea how to makeup) can actually put this on their face and look decent.

Would I Recommend This: Yes! This has become my favourite foundation. It has honestly replaced all others. If you are looking to try out something new, you can grab one here*.

Coconut Oil

Cost: $8

How Much I’ve saved: $4 (thanks to a sale)

Why: Believe me when I say that coconut oil is a gift from the gods! This stuff is magical. It works as a cooking oil, a makeup remover, moisturiser, hair conditioner and just about 100+ other things. If I had to pick a frugal win for this post, coconut oil would be it. I just love it, love it, love it!

Would I Recommend This: Yes! Go to the store and buy it now. Do it! Or if you can’t be bothered with the effort, order it online here*.

Champagne Glasses & Whispers Strawberry Spumante

Cost: $0.70 per glass and $5 for the sparkling wine

How Much I’ve saved: $8 on the glasses

Why: If your life is a mess right now, you’re probably missing champagne glasses. They are sure to elevate any moment, leaving no dullness behind. I’m serious, these glasses are amazing – they make even my cheap breakfast juice taste like a million bucks!

Moving onto the sparkling wine/champagne/cheap drink that taste like strawberries – this stuff is amazing. For only $5, you get an explosion of flavour. Now, your girl is very picky when it comes to her drinks: they have to be sweet and they have to taste like strawberries. I have found the Whispers Spumante to be a perfect replacement to the fancier Rekorderlig cider. As far as I’m concerned, this is a win for both my pocket and my taste buds!

Would I Recommend This: This is alcoholic, so I am going to skip this section for this product. However, if you are looking for good deals on glasses, your local Kmart or Walmart usually has great deals on!


Maybelline Fit Me! Concealer

Cost: $8

How Much I’ve saved: $4 (thanks to a sale)

Why: Want to know my number one frugal beauty secret? I never buy cosmetics at full price! Why should I when there’s almost always a sale somewhere? For months I have been hearing beauty bloggers rave about how amazing this affordable concealer is and when I saw it was on sale, I just had to grab it. Also, I had run out of concealer, so perfect timing.

Would I Recommend This: Okay, I would definitely recommend this! I am a strong believer that good makeup doesn’t have to break the bank and this one certainly didn’t. It’s easy to use, glides on nicely and conceals the imperfections away. You can garb one here* if you’d like.

New Corporate Attire:  H&M Blazer & Uniqlo Dress

Cost: $50 for the dress and $40 for the blazer

How Much I’ve saved: $10 on the dress (thanks to a sale), nothing on the blazer

Why: As I mentioned before, it is recruitment seasons for accounting interns right now. After doing my first corporate group interview of the season, I quickly realised that my wardrobe needed an update. Everyone around me already looked like polished consultants in their Guccis and Armanis, while I just looked plain. Hence, I decided that I needed to invest in a couple of timeless, good quality items that would go the distance. I am pleased to say that I absolutely love my two purchases and that they have delivered me a real confidence boost.

Would I Recommend This: I would recommend Uniqlo any day for just about anything clothing related. They make great quality, affordable and long lasting garments. I did a research assignment on their company last year and have been a loyal customer ever since. As far as H&M goes, this is typical cheap fast-fashion, so depending on your tastes you may or may not support this. I bought this blazer as I couldn’t afford a $200 one from Uniqlo at the time. If you are on a low budget, sometimes H&M can just do the trick!

Concert Tickets – Limp Bizkit

limp bizkit tix

Cost: $100

How Much I’ve saved: $100* (this was a Valentine’s Day gift from my partner, bless his soul)

Why: This isn’t really a frugal win because I didn’t exactly have to pay for this. However, as you have seen in my coming clean story, my partner and I share our expenses equally, so I probably ended up paying for this somehow. Regardless, seeing one of my favourite bands was amazing and they rocked live! The cherry on top was making it all the way to the front of stage and getting to see Fred up close and personal.

Would I Recommend This: I recommend spending your money on experiences. Go to concerts. Travel. Eat out. Do something picture worthy.

The Intelligent Investor

Cost: Free

How Much I’ve saved: $39

Why: Let me tell you, I have been waiting so long to finally get my hands on this book. As one of Warren Buffet’s all-time favourites, I just knew that I had to read it! Luckily, one of my good friends had a copy, which she so nicely offered to loan me. However, when I saw the amount of pages I had to get through, I just couldn’t do it.

In an endless quest to conquer my laziness, alas I had found the answer: Audible. Okay, okay, I know – am I seriously jumping on the audible wagon? I mean by now I’m sure you’ve heard every other YouTuber talk about how amazing Audible is. Want know the catch? Audible is actually amazing!

I signed up for their new promotion, which is a free trial where you get to pick two books to listen to – absolutely free! If you love it, like I did, you can keep going after your free times runs out. If not, just cancel it before hand and get yourself two free books in the process!

Would I Recommend This: I am almost through listening to the book and so far, so good! It is full of fresh ideas and new mindsets, which are inspiring me to be a better investor. I recommend both the book and singing up for the free trial, which you can do here => Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks


That’s a wrap for the favourites post, my fellow financially frustrated people (#fffstrong)! I hope you enjoyed today post and that you gained a little insight into my own spending habits!

As usual, the conversation is over to you. Tell me, my dear FFFs, what’s the best purchase you’ve made this month?

Let me know in the comments below!



Being broke is temporary. Being rich is a journey.

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