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When Life Happens (Storytime)

when life happenes

Today, life happened.

Today, my emergency fund came to the rescue.

Today, among all the havoc, I experienced one of the best feeling in the world: certainty.

It’s no secret that here at Broke Today Rich Tomorrow, emergency funds are the norm. From countless posts on the topic, to me preaching about them left and right, it’s pretty safe to say that emergency funds are crucial.

Everyone should have one! Why? Because life happens!

I will be completely honest with you guys in saying that I actually had a whole different post ready for today. However, life happened today and here we are talking about emergency funds!

The Rainy Day From Hell

As with any good story, it’s best if we start at the beginning.

Today, as any other day, I woke up ready to conquer the world!

Okay, maybe not conquer, but I was in a pretty good mood. I made it to my first pet sitting job nice and early, had a good walk with my client’s dog and then went home for some Netflix. Nothing out of the ordinary.

While binge-watching my latest drama obsession House of Cards, I heard my cat, Muffin, going into our bathroom. He seemed to be making some noises while using his kitty litter, which was odd, because Muffin is a very quiet cat. Realising that, I paused my TV show and went to check him out.

I was already a little worried already since he had thrown up yesterday, however we thought this was normal. However, when I entered the bathroom and saw blood on the floor, my fears had been confirmed: there was defiantly something wrong with our cat.

Well, here is where my day starts to get interesting!

Trying not to over react, I did the first thing that any reasonable pet owner would do: Googled my cat’s symptoms.

A quick search revealed that I should been calling my vet, which is exactly what I did. Of course, this is the part where my luck runs out!

Not only did I get the news that our vet wasn’t going to be in today, the nurse also told me that he was getting promoted to regional manager, so bye-bye familiar clinic! Oh, and she also mentioned that considering Muffin’s symptoms, I needed to get him to another vet ASAP.

Fast forward to 20 minutes later, I was on the brink of desperation, trying to get our cat seen by a local vet. It is just my luck that every vet had to be booked today!

My voice was shaking by the time I dialed the last clinic’s number. Luckily, the nurse was lovely and managed to book us in right away. I had already told her about not being able to get him in anywhere and I think she took pity on us, so managed to squeeze us in.

I won’t even pretend that getting him to and from the vet wasn’t a struggle, because it was. I am a 5 foot nothing female and carrying him up and down my complex’s stairs was a struggle. It also didn’t help that it was absolutely pouring outside and that we have no undercover parking!

Then came even more bad news: Muffin is definitely sick, they just don’t know with what!

The vet suspects he has a urinary tract infection, which apparently is very common in desexed male cats.

She gave Muffin some antibiotics and pain killers, as well as some special food. We now have to watch him closely for the next three days to make sure he doesn’t get any worse. I also have to collect some samples for the vet to run further tests in order to find out exactly what Muffin has.

Today has been a tough and expensive day.

We don’t have pet insurance as both our cats are young and healthy (or so we thought), plus we take really good care of them. Had we not planned ahead, today could’ve quickly turned into a financial disaster.

We however do have an emergency fund, which is how I was able to afford the first vet visit of $190. I know we have to get back to the vet tomorrow, so that emergency fund will come in handy.

Now that we are back home, I am writing this as Muffin is sleeping next to me. The drugs have technically “doped him out” and he is now probably dreaming about chasing birds.

The Upside

Yes, today has been a tough day, filled with worry, struggles and a few tears.

However, today has also been a good day. For the first time, I was able to feel calm in a stressful situation and not worry about money. For the first time, I was able to feel certain that no matter what, I was going to be able to afford whatever came my way.

I didn’t have to call my parents.

I didn’t have to max out my credit card (not that I have one).

I didn’t even have to split the bill with my partner to be able to cover this!

I was able to cover this unfortunate situation on my own, all thanks to my emergency fund. Moral of the story: plan ahead. Why? Because if it can happen to me, it can happen to anyone.

My cat was healthy as a button up until yesterday – I know this because he had his annual health check last month. Today, his health is a very different story.

Even if you don’t have a cat, emergencies like this can happen anytime: one minute you’re fine, the next you’re left scrambling for money. That’s when the emergency fund comes in!

If you want to know more about where to start with an emergency fund, click here.

I urge you: have an emergency fund. It’s a real live saver (literally)!


As usual, let’s get the conversation rolling in the comments: Tell me about the one time you really wish you had an emergency fund?

Let me know in the comments below!


Being broke is temporary. Being rich is a journey.

9 thoughts on “When Life Happens (Storytime)

  1. We don’t have pet insurance either, and even though we’ve spent a good ~$3500 and counting on our dog over the past 6 months due to her heart problems, I’ve calculated that it STILL didn’t make sense financially to have pet insurance (she’s been healthy up to that emergency trip six months ago, so that means we would have paid 7 years of insurance just to start using it now. The numbers just don’t work).

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