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The 9 Great Blogs You Should Follow And Why

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The say February is the month of love, so I can’t think of a better moment than this. Today, my fellow financially frustrated people, Broke Today Rich Tomorrow is sharing the love!

Why? Because there is plenty of it to go around!

It is about time that we acknowledge the people that have supported this blog, inspired me personally and above all, set an example of greatness and success in the online community.

That is why, today I am going to be sharing with you a few of my favourite blogs and my reasons as to why you should check them out.

However, before I start, there is something I must mention. The following 9 blogs all have one thing in common: they are great blogs.

But what exactly makes a great blog?

It is amazing content?

Is the feel, look and aesthetics?

Is it the number of followers it has?

Yes, yes and maybe a little, because let’s be real, we all need an audience to read our stuff. However, for me personally, things are a little bit different. As a reader, in my eyes a blog is only as great as its author. Why?

Because a great blog is all about connection!

In order for me to fall in love with the blog, I must first fall in love with the writer. Whether it is their inspiring story, their amazing personality or just the way they think, a great blog is all about an author’s ability to make me feel connected. Connected to them, their insight but above all, their blog posts.

I love finding a new blog and upon reading it the first time, feeling like I already know the author. That’s how I know I’ve stumbled upon a great blog!

But, enough about me! Today is all about sharing the love, so without further ado, here are 9 great blogs you should follow and why:

  1. Blog:
    My favourite post: Starting Your Career – Expectations Vs Reality
    Why you should follow them:
    Okay first of all, if Paolo isn’t the nicest guy you’ve ever met online, you’re lying! He’s honestly the sweetest blogger I know, plus boy can he write! Picking a favourite post of his blog was difficult, with a very close second coming in here. The thing I love about Paolo’s blog is that it is full of great advice based on real life experience, travel guides and self-improvement tips. Plus his Instagram feed always makes me hungry!
  2. Blog:
    My favourite post:
    5 Common Misconceptions About Millennials
    Why you should follow them:
    If you are a millennial, this is THE blog to follow! First of all, I have had the pleasure of chatting with the author herself and without giving too much away, she is one cool lady! Second of all, the first post I ever read of hers was actually this, which cracked me up for a long time. This blog is full of great advice for my fellow millennials. The author has an unique and quirky point of view, which I think we need more of in the blogging community.
  3. Blog:
    My favourite post:
    8 Reasons To Begin Real Estate Investing
    Why you should follow them:
    This one was love at first sentence. I had just recently discovered Kat’s blog last December and let me tell you, I’ve been hooked ever since! I just love Kat’s energy. I feel like every post I read of hers is literally Kat sitting in my lounge, talking to me like an old friend. That’s how you know a blog is special!
    The reason I think you should follow this blog is because it is all about achieving passive income through real estate investing. I for one have no idea how real estate works or even where to start, which is why this blog is so great – it answers your questions, curbs your fears and encourages you to seriously consider real estate investing. Also, Kat is hilarious!
  4. Blog:
    My favourite post: My Thought On The Stock Market In 2018
    Why you should follow them:
    What I love about this blog is simply how inspiring the author’s journey is. As you’ve probably guessed, the author’s goal is to be able to retire comfortably with a net worth of $6 million. Every month, the author keeps track of their net worth, investments and even does podcast! This blog is truly inspirational because it shows that anybody, even someone earning an average salary, can strive for financial independence and achieve it! Definitely a favourite!
  5. Blog:
    My favourite post:
    So Damn Beautiful
    Why you should follow them:

    I’ll be honest with you guys, I struggled to pick a favourite post! I love all of them! I love this blog! I love the author! I love it love it love it!
    Okay, now that I’m off the fan girl train, here is why you should follow this blog: honesty, humour and actually useful advice! Plus, dear god, the hilarious GIFs, I just can’t.
    This blog is amazing because of its realness. If you’re a lady in living in today’s world, this is the lifestyle blog you should follow. It covers everything from beauty and money and all things in-between, while promoting a no BS lifestyle. Absolutely love it!
  6. Blog:
    My favourite post:
    Letter To My 15 Year Old Self
    Why you should follow them:
    I honestly believe every young person should read the above post, which also happens to be my favourite. It covers some important life lessons and financial mistakes you should be vary of during your youth.
    I am such a big fan of this blog because of its versatility. The author shares various aspects of her life, such as her journey to financial independence, recipes and even some gardening tips.
  7. Blog:
    My favourite post:
    Life As Millenials: 4 Concepts We Are Too Familiar With
    Why you should follow them:

    I love a blog that promotes positivity, self-development and love, and this blog does all three and more! Plus did I mention that it encourages reading? Extra brownie points right there!
    This is the blog for young professionals just starting their career path. It includes lots of helpful posts, from achieving practical happiness, to adding intention to your life, to even ways of ensuring success! Defiantly worth a follow.
  8. Blog:
    My favourite post:
    6 Unpopular Opinions
    Why you should follow them:
    1. Jamie has the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen.
    2. I love her hamsters and you should too.
    3. This blog serves some serious awesome.
    In all seriousness though, this blog is an old favourite of mine and among the first I remember following. I love this blog because it includes all things lifestyle and fashion, while promoting positivity. I love the authors mindset and her honesty, whether she is talking about her monthly favourites or cooking up her favourite dish. Also, again, stunning hamsters!
  9. Blog:
    My favourite post:
    Why We Don’t Buy Bitcoin Or Any Concurrency
    Why you should follow them:
    This is last, but not least. This has been one of my favourite blogs since I started probably started blogging myself. I love this blog because Tanja and Mark actually live what they preach. They’ve paid off their house, build up their financial independence and managed to retire early! If this isn’t literally living the dream, I don’t know what is.
    Another reason I love this blog is just the sheer honesty in the writing. These guys tell it like it is and they don’t try to sugar coat anything. They are open about their experiences, their mistakes and the lessons they have learned. Not only that, they share openly about how they achieved early retirement and tips about how you could too. This one is a must to check out!

For full disclosure, I currently follow well over 100 blogs, so getting it down to these top 9 was definitely a challenge. They are all amazing in their own right and are defiantly worth a follow!

I hope today you have discovered some awesome new blogs today and that you end up loving them as much as I do!

As usual, let’s chat. Tell me, what is your favourite blog right now?

Let me know in the comments below!


Being broke is temporary. Being rich is a journey.

15 thoughts on “The 9 Great Blogs You Should Follow And Why

  1. Sometimes I question my blogging existence, but then I see this….and wow, it really makes my day! I’m not always sure of my purpose (even in mid-life one can wonder!), but if I can inspire even just one other person to feel empowered to invest in real estate…well, that is truly rewarding to me! So thank you Corinne! And now I am off to view some stunning hamsters 🙂

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  2. Seriously you are the best. Thanks a bunch for the mention I really do appreciate it! All the blogs on here look pretty awesome so going to check them out too. This blog made my day, as a blogger it’sa great feeling to know someone values your work so Ty Ty 🤗 xx

    Liked by 1 person

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