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The 3 Things To Invest In During Your 20s

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Your twenties are a time of self-discovery, new experiences and figuring out this so confusing yet rewarding this called life. The biggest advantage you have now is time. You have time to make mistakes. You have time to learn from them as well. With little to no responsibilities weighing you down, your twenties are an excellent time to start investing!

So what exactly should you invest in during your twenties?

Real estate? I mean, sure, if you want the mortgage.

Fortune 100 stocks? Apple shares, anyone?

Cryptocurrency? Have you even seen Mr. Robot?!

As with most dilemmas, the simplest answer is probably the right one: do what is right for you. There is not one size fits all when it comes to making such a big decision in life. When you’re young, yes, you do have a lot of time, but what you probably don’t have a lot of is money. So before giving away your hard earned dollars, consider what is right for you personally, and not what others say would be right for you. I have had no real experience with any of the above, so I really can’t say if you should or shouldn’t go down those paths.

What I can say however is that in my experience, it is a lot easier invest when you break things down in these three categories:

  1. Invest in yourself.
    The first thing to invest in is yourself. This could be done traditionally, such as going to college or getting some form of accreditation to help you professionally. What most people forget about is that you don’t have to stop there. Investing in yourself isn’t limited to just career development. You can easily invest in yourself by furthering a skill, hobby or even a passion.
    Always wanted to be a musician? Invest in some piano lessons! Want to get better at making friends? Pick up a book about socializing. The list goes on and on. Figure out what will help you, grow into a better you, and throw some money at it. You never know, your future self might thank you later!

    Happiness comes out of being willing to do your work in your twenties to find out who you are, what you love.

  2. Invest in experiences.
    You have minimal to no responsibilities, so take advantage of this and experience new things. Travel to new places. Meet new people. Reads books you’ve never heard of. Go out of your comfort zone and learn something new.
    One of the best experience I’ve had so far in my twenties was going to Disneyland, as silly as that might sound! I’ve always wanted to go as a kid, but it just never happened. Nevertheless, I made it there 10 years later! Did I have learn a life lessons? Probably not, but not everything you experience has to teach you something. Sometimes it is good to just go out, have fun and immortalize some memories (I’m looking at you, Instagram).
  3. Invest in seeds.
    No, this does not have anything to do with gardening! What I mean is invest in finical seeds for the future that mature as you do. This could take various forms, such as saving up for your first home, buying shares, starting your own business or even building up your emergency fund. Again, what works for you has much to do with your own circumstances. It is important that you start as soon as you can so that the value of your investment grows with you. See our resources for more information on how to get started!

These are the top things I chose to invest in during my twenties and I am glad to say that they’ve helped me grow both financially and personally. I hope they will do the same for you.

What is the one thing you wish you could’ve invested more in during your younger years?

Let me know in the comments below!

Being broke is temporary. Being rich is a journey.

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