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5 Tips for Writing A Great Resume

five tips for viring a great resume

5 Tips for Writing A Great Resume

A great resume sets you apart from others when it comes to job applications. A great resume serves the purpose of getting you that interview and giving you a chance to impress. For these reasons, it is important that when writing your resume you keep in mind the following tips!

In my experience with job interviews, a great resume will often get complimented and start you off on a positive note with the interviewer. Keep in mind that they have to go through hundreds of resumes before they get to yours and that a well done resume makes the process much easier and enjoyable!

Without further ado, here are some tips to keep in mind when writing a great resume:

  1. Keep it simple stupid. Write in simple language, keep paragraphs tidy and to the point and use dot points. Don’t go crazy with the colours or the format. You want the person to be focused on your experience and your skills, not the beautiful baby blue.
  2. Keep it relevant. Nobody cares about your babysitting when you were 12 if you are applying for an office job five years later. Nobody cares about your hospitality experience if you are applying for a warehouse job. Do however list your achievements, skills and experience that is relevant to the job, such as work experience, volunteering and internships you have completed as well as formal education.

    Make sure the information is appropriate.
  3. Keep it tight. Generally a 3-4 page maximum. Anything more than that is just a waste of paper. You’re not writing an autobiography nor is the recruiter interested in reading a novel. The best format allows for your contact information, skills, qualifications & achievements, brief job experience descriptions and referees. That is plenty for someone to decide whether to call you in or not.
  4. Carefully list your references! DO NOT LIST YOUR MUM! DO NOT LIST YOUR PARTNER’S MUM! And for God’s sake, do not list anyone you know on a non-professional basis. Interviewers are looking for an objective review of you and how you behave professionally. If you are in school, it would be appropriate to list one of your teachers for example, as you know them on a non-personal basis. It would also be appropriate to list just about anyone that has had a higher position than you in a professional environment eg. Supervisor, Manager
    As a side note, although this may be a bit obvious: Check and let the referee know that you are putting them on your resume and that they should be expecting a call from potential employers. Also please make sure that you are on good terms with the referee.
  5. Download a resume format. They’re easy to find on Goggle and make your life so much easier, You just fill in the relevant information, remember the tips above and you are done!


Due to the amount of competition in the job market, recruiters only have about a few minutes to narrow down good candidates form bad ones. If your resume only gets a quick glance over it, best make sure that it stands out for the right reasons. Remember – your resume is your first step through the door!

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